The team at Sapphire Beauty are highly trained and skilled in a number of holistic treatments. Our holistic therapists offer a variety of relaxing treatments including Reiki and Indian Head Massage. Each treatment has its own unique benefits and the Sapphire Beauty team can help you to choose a treatment that will work best for your relaxation needs and requirements.

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Holistic therapy treatments are ideal for relaxation as well as for boosting your overall sense of well-being and health. Holistic therapies offer a range of healing techniques which, in addition to their relaxing benefits, also assist in the healing and relaxing of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional levels.

For many years holistic therapies such as Reiki and Indian Head Massage have been effectively used for a number of benefits including improving sleep, providing a greater level of relaxation, increasing your energy levels, and enhancing your sense of calm, well-being and overall mental clarity. It’s these great benefits that have seen ancient holistic techniques such as Reiki and Indian Head Massage remain popular forms of relaxation even today.

Our experienced and fully trained holistic therapists can combine a range of holistic therapies to help you get the best results from your treatment.

Each of our holistic therapy treatments are carried out in our relaxed and friendly yet professional Widnes beauty salon. Situated on Ditchfield Road in Widnes, our salon offers a convenient location for those living in Liverpool and Merseyside/ Cheshire areas.

For more information on any of our holistic treatments such as Reiki and Indian Head Massage, or to book your appointment today, please feel free to get in touch with the team at Sapphire Beauty.

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