Weight Loss


Weight Loss

Struggling to shape up those stubborn areas that simply won’t respond to diet or exercise? At Sapphire Beauty we offer a range of treatments which allow you to shape up, tone and sculpt your body while losing those inches. Treatments available include the revolutionary Physique Plus Machine and our skin caring body wraps for inch loss.

Physique Plus Machine

Physique Plus is an innovative inch loss system which works to not only prevent weight build-up but also assists in improving any slack muscle tone. Combining intensive research with the world’s most advanced electronics, Physique Plus inch loss machine provides instantaneous results after just one short treatment.

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The treatment works through targeting any areas that you feel could benefit from additional toning and inch loss such as the stomach, thighs, legs, bust and buttocks. Using different wave forms, the machine causes muscles fibres to react while increasing blood circulation. The result is muscles that are toned and exercised allowing for inch loss – giving you the opportunity to effortlessly achieve that shape you have always dreamed of!

Body Wraps for Inch Loss

Offering a natural and an effective slimming solution, at Sapphire Beauty we use body wraps to help target any areas of the body that you would like to lose inches on. Some areas of the body simply don’t respond as well to exercise and dieting, however natural body wraps provide the perfect inch loss solution – all in the comfort of our relaxing and friendly salon.

Body wraps use a natural and detoxifying formula which works to detoxify, tighten, firm and tone any area where it is applied. After a relaxing treatment, you will find instantaneous inch loss as well as a reduction in the appearance of skin slackening and cellulite as an added bonus.

The benefit of body wrap inch loss treatment is that not only do you receive instant results but the treatment continues to work for 72 hours. For even better results, we recommend drinking plenty of water on the day of your treatment as well as for the following 3 days.

For further information on any of our weight loss treatments, or to book your appointment today, please feel free to give us a call today at Sapphire Beauty.

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